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Accessibility Statement
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Accessibility Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for Inver Park House



Inver Park House is just north of Dunbeath, Caithness and is adjacent to the A9. Turn off the A9 at the minor road signposted 'Houstry 3' then immediately left into the caravan park, which we also own, and follow the signs to the B&B parking area beside our front door. We are half a mile from Dunbeath, and only 400 yards from a good restaurant.

We have 3 bedrooms for B&B, all en-suite and all on the ground floor, one of which is particularly suitable for wheelchair users. We have an 'Unassisted Wheelchair Access for Visitors' award.

We are happy to cater for vegetarians and try to help with other dietary requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01593731441 or email



  • The nearest railway station is Helmsdale, but that is 16 miles away and there is unfortunately no accessible taxi service from Helmsdale.
  • The X99 bus comes up from Inverness, but not all the coaches used are accessible. However, the driver will allow travellers to alight at our door if requested. Further information can be obtained from
  • Realistically, transport here is by private car, and in this rural locality there are few services for disabled people available.
  • If requested, we can offer copies of the Access Statement in large print.


Car Parking and Arrival

  • 4 free private parking spaces are available, with one wider one adjacent to the ramp leading to the front door.
  • The parking area has a tarred and gritted surface, and is almost level. The ramp is 1550mm (5 feet) wide and is finished in nonslip concrete paving slabs. It has a slope of 4 degrees, therefore does not require handrails. It leads to a level porch 1480mm x 1200mm (58" x 47") and the front door which is 920mm (36") wide and has a threshold with a maximum 15mm exterior and 5mm interior.
  • The parking area and ramp are lit by a floodlight on a motion sensor, and an overhead porch light.
  • There are no steps to the front door.
  • Assistance can be given with luggage if required.


Welcome Area

  • Guests are welcomed in the hallway, which is level throughout and floored with laminate flooring. The hall is mainly 2 metres (6.5 feet) wide. There is one narrow table with tourist information. Lighting is by 2 pendant lights.
  • Guests are led into the large kitchen/dining/breakfast room area where they are asked to register. Seating is available, and a table at a suitable height for someone in a wheelchair.
  • Pen and pad of paper are available on request.
  • The kitchen/dining area is well lit by banks of LED downlighters.
  • The breakfast area is easily seen from the kitchen area.
  • The kitchen and breakfast room both have laminate flooring, while the dining area between is carpeted.
  • After registration, guests are shown to their bedroom.



  • We have 3 bedrooms on the ground floor, all en-suite, all with level entry access from the front door, and also to the protected primary exit in case of fire.
  • One room 'The Botanical Room' is particularly equipped for use by disabled guests.
  • All bedrooms have clear door openings 800mm (31.5")
  • The Botanical Room has 3 single beds, 2 of which can be linked if necessary. All the beds are 620mm (24.5") high to the top of the mattress.
  • The bedding in all the rooms is non-allergenic.
  • Furniture in the Botanical Room can be removed if necessary, but there is plenty of room in this bedroom for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.
  • Lighting is by a pendant light and 3 bedside lights, 2 of which are operated by touch alone.
  • The flooring in the Botanical Room is dark brown carpet, the walls are yellow and the doors are wood.
  • All the bedrooms have tea and coffee-making facilities, and racks for suitcases.


Bathrooms, Shower-rooms & Toilets (Ensuite or Shared)

  • All the room have en-suite facilities. The 'Botanical Room' has the following:
  • door opening is 800mm (31.5") giving level entry to en-suite shower room
  • large level-entry shower area with fold-up shower seat and 2 vertical grab rails, with shower controls easily reached from seat.
  • WC with horizontal grab rail at 790mm (31") and pull-down horizontal grab rail at 670mm (26.5")
  • Washbasin at 780mm (30.5") above floor. Clear distance of 200mm (8") in front of narrow pedestal. Lever taps.
  • Alarm button at 350mm (14") above floor at entrance to shower area. Visual/Audible signal in Hall when used.
  • En-suite well lit with 3 halogen spotlights at ceiling height.
  • Floor non-slip tiles in dark grey and pink; walls finished in pale grey tiles to 1270mm (50"0), with cream paint above: doors wood with white gloss architraves; window sill brown wood
  • White towels
  • The other en-suites have baths and showers, and laminate flooring.


Public Areas - Halls, Stairs, Landings, Corridors

  • Main Hall is described above. It is well lit with 2 pendant lights and an emergency light. It has laminate flooring in a cherry wood finish, and is mainly 2000mm (6'6") wide.
  • Separating this from the Bedroom Hall is a fully glazed fire screen with a fully glazed fire door 890mm (31") wide
  • The Bedroom Hall gives access to the 3 B&B bedrooms and the designated primary exit from the bedrooms in case of fire.
  • The fire exit opens onto a non-slip level path with access directly onto the ramp from the front door and thence to the parking area.
  • It is well lit by 2 pendant lights and 1 emergency light over the emergency exit.
  • The bedroom hall is carpeted with a thick, close-woven carpet.


Dining Room

  • Our well-lit breakfast room is in a 'sun lounge' at the front of the property overlooking the sea (the Moray Firth). Having large windows on 3 sides, it is normally very bright, but is also well-lit with a pendant light with 9 bulbs, very suitable on dark winter mornings.
  • It is level entry via the kitchen area and our dining area, to which is it open.
  • The flooring is cherry finish laminate flooring.
  • The tables and padded chairs are light rubber-wood, and are easily arranged to give access for a wheelchair or highchair.
  • Service is mainly table service, though cereals and preserves are available on a table in the breakfast room.
  • The crockery is white, and I lay the tables with melamine table mats which contrast with the wood tables.
  • Most dietary requirements can be accommodated if special requirements are made known at the time of booking.



  • There is an area of garden to look out over from the breakfast room, which has grass and flower beds.
  • 2 bedrooms look out over the caravan park tenting area which is beyond an area of shrubs and flowering plants which serve to give privacy to the bedrooms.


Additional Information

  • Dogs are not normally admitted to the B&B, but an exception is made for trained assistance dogs, for whom any necessary requirements will be provided, for example a water bowl.
  • Information concerning evacuation procedures in case of fire are available in all bedrooms. Large print information can be provided if requested prior to coming, or at registration.
  • Wherever possible, we have used low-energy lighting throughout the house.
  • We have also ensured that there is a clear colour contrast between walls and doors.
  • The nearest Doctor's surgery is 1 mile away, in Dunbeath, and the nearest A&E Hospital department is in Wick, 21 miles away.
  • Wifi is freely available in all bedrooms. Our computer is available for use if necessary.


Contact Information

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Inver Park House Houstry road Dunbeath Caithness KW6 6EH





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ND 166 299