Inver Park House - Inver Park House
A warm welcome awaits you


Inver Park House is situated within Inver Caravan Park and is adjacent to the A9 just north of Dunbeath, Caithness.  It is 84 miles north of Inverness, up the A9, and 4 miles south of the junction of the A9 (to Thurso) and the A99 (to Wick).  It is 38 miles south of John o' Groats.  It is therefore a good location from which to explore the far north, or make a stop-over on a touring holiday or a long-distance walk or cycle run.

From the South, ignore both turnings SP Dunbeath and stay on the A9 until the road SP Houstry 3.  Turn left into this road, and immediately left into the Park entrance, 40 metres up the Houstry road.  

From the North, pass the Laidhay Croft Museum and continue down the hill towards Dunbeath.  Take the turning to the right SP Houstry 3 and then immediately left into the Park entrance.

Once in the Caravan Park, follow the road round between the house and the white Facilities Block, indicated by the sign 'B&B Parking', and park in the designated parking area beside the front door.  If you are coming on foot or cycle, enter by the pedestrian gate straight from the A9 and come to the front door which is on your right up a gentle ramp. Cycles can be left safely to the left of the porch.